Top Ten Tips for Flawless Makeup On Your Wedding Day

There are a million and one things to stress about before the wedding and on the big day, and your makeup shouldn’t be one of them. Here are a few tips and tricks from our Author and Founder, Tyla Jones, and her experience to help make your makeup last on the day of your wedding. We also have a few commonly asked questions by brides, answered by my professional makeup artist, Ryno Mulder.

We have all heard the typical bridal makeup advice right? Keep it natural, avoid dark shades, go for glowly and not shiny. But let me give you the best advice right off the bat; this is your day, this is your makeup, and it’s up to you what you choose for your wedding makeup. And even though this post gives you the BS-free tips and advice for your wedding day makeup and gives you the answers to questions that you keep asking, how you decide to book a makeup artist and the style of makeup that you choose for your wedding day is entirely up to you.

Start Early with Skin Prep

There is no better time or reason to become diligent about a great skin-care routine. Making sure that you go for regular facials and use the correct skin care products makes a big difference in the overall texture of your skin and gives your makeup a great base on the day of the wedding. Avoid doing a special skincare routine the night before your wedding. As tempted as you might be to lather your skin in high-end beauty products, new products could mean new ingredients that your skin isn’t used to which may cause irritation.

Book a Trial Run

Not keen on doing your own makeup on the day of the wedding? Use the time before your wedding to find an artist that understands your personality and style. Book your makeup artist at least 6 months before your wedding to avoid their diaries filling up without your day booked in it, then schedule a trial run 3 months before your wedding. Don’t be shy to book another one if you feel that you would like to change your look on the day of the wedding.

Make Your Makeup Last All Night

Makeup primer is essential to making your wedding makeup last through every tear, smile, dance, toast and selfie. I’m not talking primer just on your face, I’m talking eye shadow primers and lip liner too. As much as priming is essential, setting your makeup is just as important. Use a setting spray to lock your look in place for the night.

Conceal Breakouts

Breakouts are unpredictable and unstoppable little monsters, but you cannot let a breakout stop you from feeling beautiful. Take a drop of concealer and gently dab it over the blemish in order to conceal it. Never use back and forth sweeping motions as the concealer will build up around the blemish rather than cover it.

Be Yourself

Your wedding day is not a time to experiment with your makeup. Whether you usually wear minimal makeup or prefer glamour looks, stick with what you know you like and what you feel looks best on you. We have all heard the ‘all natural’ speech from someone, but you don’t have to go all natural. I do however, suggest that you avoid following trends/fads for a more timeless makeup look for your wedding day.

Avoiding Shiny Skin

The goal is glow, not shine. To control your skin throughout the evening dust some translucent powder across your shine prone areas, like your forehead, nose and chin. If you don’t have space to pocket a powder, use a tissue to dab over your shiny areas throughout the evening.

Use Waterproof Mascara

If you are a big crier consider using waterproof mascara instead of false eyelashes. The tears will lift the lash adhesive and the false eyelashes will fall right off.

Keep Your Manicure Simple

You nails are truly up to you, but a few reason why you should keep your nails simple on the big day is because bright nail polish might distract from your beautiful white gown. Also, chips are much more noticeable on bright nails.

Pack a Touch-Up Kit

You big day is a day of tears, smiles, laughter, dancing and toasts – so don’t expect your makeup to last 8 hours. Pack a small touch-up kit and ask someone from your wedding party to keep it on hand for you. Pack only the essentials – blush, translucent powder, cotton pads, lipstick, and tissues. You can even ask your makeup artist if they sell touch-up kits.

Leave Yourself Time

However long your hairstylist or makeup artist tells you your hair and makeup will take, add a few extra minutes to the prep time. This will help you with any last-minute rushing.

When I was searching for the right makeup artist for my wedding day, the one thing I struggled to find, were the right answers to my questions, and I had a lot of questions. I asked my Makeup Artist a few commonly asked questions by brides when it comes to their wedding makeup, and here are his answers.

How long before the wedding is the ideal time to have your wedding makeup trial? Why?

I recommend three months before your wedding. The reason being that by this time most brides will have an idea of their  theme colour, what the dress looks like and she’s unlikely to drastically change her hair style. These things may influence the makeup look. The other reason is that it gives the bride enough time to fix issues that can stand in the way of a great makeup result – whether she needs to grow out eyebrows, get microblading, get rid of lash extensions or improve dry or acne skin. 

Should I bring my accessories to my trial? Veil/Hair piece?

This is up to your hair stylist. It seems like a good idea. 

What kind of prep should I do before the makeup trail?

Arrive with no makeup on. Not even mascara and bb cream. You are spending time that you paid for as you or your makeup artist go through the effort of cleaning your face. Time that could have been spent in consultation or actually doing your makeup. Your hair should pulled back away from your face. Especially baby hairs and the hair in front of your ears as these get in the way when the makeup artist applies foundation and contour. 

If I change my mind, is there chance for a re-trial?

Yes, if you pay for it. I’m surprised when prospective clients ask whether a second trial is free. In any consideration with a vendor think of the vendor as though they are Woolworths. If you bought a tomato sandwich and you decide after eating it that an avocado sandwich might be more to your taste, will you ask the store staff if you may have a free avo sarmie? Makeup artists and bridal vendors are businesses like any other. 

What are your favourite products to work with?

The best quality brushes make the difference to the ease and success of your makeup application. 

Do you have a website/blog/portfolio for future brides to see your work?

Yes! I have a website and on Instagram and Facebook – I am MakeupByRyno as well. My Facebook page is updated most often, every other day if not daily. 

What size of bridal party can you accommodate?

It depends what time the ceremony starts. If the ceremony begins at 10am we should start makeup for the bridal party of fourteen ladies on Thursday afternoon. …But seriously, most brides get married after lunchtime – between 13:00 and 16:00. A professional application requires 45 minutes to an hour per person. (If a makeup artist claims to be able to do an excellent look in 30 minutes or less I would have my doubts unless they prove it at the trial.) I like to finish the last person’s makeup an hour before the ceremony begins. It allows them time to get dressed, do a hair check, take pictures and arrive at the ceremony calm and composed.

What is your best tip for keeping makeup looking fresh all night long?

There’s a few. If your makeup artist didn’t apply a setting spray you can mist any strong hold hair spray over your face. Just keep your eyes closed and hold the can 30cm from you. The tacky layer of spray will seal the makeup in better than well known brands’ set sprays. 

Moisture and heat break down makeup. So don’t touch your face because fingertips have natural moisture on them. Stay out of the sun and away from heat as it melts makeup. Applying powder on a shiny nose or forehead can result in caking  because the powder will grab onto oily patches. Rather use a napkin and gently blot the greasy areas. It will absorb sebum without visibly disturbing your makeup. 

Try not to cry. I always say the most powerful makeup remover is the tears of a virgin as tears are super emollient. 

Do you sell a touch-up kit for the day of my wedding?

Yeah, the bride can choose if she wants a touch up kit. Mine is a full size lip colour and powder compact. Both products will last her at least a year beyond the wedding if she wears makeup regularly. 

What are your do’s for a great skincare routine leading up to the day of the wedding?

At the trial your makeup artist should discuss how you can optimize skin quality and refer you to a good dermatological clinic if needed. I have found the don’ts are as important in the run up to the big day. Don’t go into bridal panic and do things you’ve never done before like a chemical peel or anything invasive, as that’s asking for trouble. 

What kind of prep should I do before my wedding day?

What you usually do. Cleanse and moisturize. Drink enough water. Stay away from anything that can cause fluid retention making your face puffy. Get enough sleep. It also helps to give your face a rest and not wear makeup the day before. 

How long will the bridal makeup take on the wedding day?

An hour. I typically spend a little less time on everyone else so I can spend a bit more time on the bride. 

Will you provide a schedule for makeup on the wedding day?

I do in broad strokes – start time, finish time and when we do the bride’s makeup. The bride decided which person in her bridal party slots in where as far as the other time slots go.

Do you work on location? What are your travelling fees?

I’m a mobile artist so I travel to the client on the day of the event. Travel fees are calculated according to the current AA rate.

How do future brides book you for their bridal makeup trial or wedding?

They can message me on facebook or Whatsapp me on 071 688 0242. 

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