Our Story

Tyla and I didn’t meet in a traditional way. We met through a platform that has defined our generation and has even re-defined the generation before us. Facebook. After communicating through casual Facebook and MXit chats for years we decided to meet up for the first time.

It was a cold day in July 2009. We met at Sandton City. I was so nervous that I walked past her, because I didn’t know what to say. She looked gorgeous in a purple sweater, I felt self-conscious in my ratty sneakers and jeans. What didn’t help, however, was when she dragged me into Woolworths (something that has become a trend in our relationship she drags me into shops and I remind myself being single is less fun) and I noticed the sweater was selling for more than my phone.

We saw a movie, she seemed to like it and laughed at all the jokes. Which mesmerised me. All I really wanted to do was kiss her and spent most of the movie thinking of ways to do that and then, boom, here come the credits. I decided to nut up and just go for it. Fireworks. It was then that I knew I wanted this person in my life.

Fast forward 8 years and we have been together ever since. Both our lives have fallen apart at one point or another, and at those lowest moments when we felt so completely alone there was this gentle soul helping you build it back up.

The strange thing about being with someone so long is that this person, this wonderful person, becomes completely ingrained into your life. Every milestone, matric dance, graduation from high school and University, drivers licence, first home and job, has come and gone and has found that person by your side. They are no longer just a person you share your life with they become truly and completely a part of your life. They are a part of every moment. Every racing, happy, sad, amazing, heart wrenchingly beautiful moment.

There is something truly beautiful in that.

This year we will be celebrating another milestone and look forward to sharing that with you.

With Love,