Did COVID Crash Your Wedding? Here’s What To Do

The pandemic is having a profound effect on both businesses in the wedding industry and couples that were planning on getting married. Since March 2020, businesses have been adapting to regulations set out by the government, and couples are having to make the hard decision to either postpone their wedding or proceed with taking their vows in isolation.

Are you planning on getting married soon or perhaps you were meant to get married in the past few weeks? Let’s look at the options that are available to you.

Should You Postpone?

There is no wrong answer here, and you need to do what is comfortable for you and your partner. Even after the lockdown regulations have been lifted, you may not feel comfortable enough to relax and celebrate on your wedding day, or you may feel that “the show must go on”. The important thing to remember is that you are getting married. Period. It may just be on a date that you didn’t originally decide on, or with less guests.

If you make the decision to postpone your wedding beyond the lockdown regulation lift, speak to your wedding vendors to find out how to best postpone your wedding. Many vendors are allowing couples to postpone their weddings for an additional fee.

If you have decided on a new date, double check with all your vendors that they are available on your newly selected date. If they are, then great! But if not, be ready to start searching for new vendors for your big day.

If a vendor is not available for your new date, speak to them about what options are available to you and your partner; perhaps refundable deposits, or are they working closely with another supplier to help couples still have their big day. It’s important to remember that not all vendors will have the same options available to couples.

The Show Must Go On

You have been looking forward to your wedding for months, and not being able to go ahead with your big would come as a massive disappointment. But there are options for you during level 3 lockdown.

  • A video conference wedding – this would be a great option if you want to include your guests in the celebration.
  • A video conference ceremony – a great option if you want to get married with a few family members in your household and an online officiant/priest.
  • Marry now and celebrate later – have an officiant/priest marry you online and celebrate with your guests by having a reception when restrictions are lifted.
  • Marry at Home Affairs – there may not be crowds of people in the offices, so naturally you would need to make an appointment. You and your partner will need to be present as well as 2 witnesses.

Getting Your Marriage Certificate

Home Affairs has been working on skeleton staff, and during level 4 and 5 of lockdown they were only issuing the following documents; replacement birth certificates for children requiring an essential service, temporary IDs, as well as death certificates. This meant that if you tied the knot during lockdown you would not be able to get your certificate immediately.

If you did get married during the level 4 and 5 restrictions, you may now apply for your marriage certificate as Home Affairs has officially resumed marriage services during the level 3 national lockdown.

Don’t have time to apply yourself? We love Bunny Hop’s frustration free document services to help with document applications if you don’t have the time to apply in person.

What To Expect After COVID?

There is no doubt that the wedding industry will be affected by COVID, and we are going to see changes in wedding trends. 2021 is expected to be a year packed with weddings that have been postponed in 2020.

We can expect to see huge creativity as the wedding industry is anticipated to slowly recover once the lockdown restrictions are lifted, but the recovery is dependant on whether couples feel safe having a large wedding or if they will downsize their big day.

We are going to see both micro weddings, where only nearest and dearest are invited, and because couples with postponed wedding days have had more time to prepare for their day, we are also going to see extravagant weddings where everything from the wedding dress, to the wedding activities that will be over the top.

Safety First

Washing hands, wearing face masks, and sanitising are the obvious safety precautions that we are becoming accustomed to during everyday life, but make sure that you find out what safety measures your wedding venue and vendors will be implementing when you will officially be allowed to have your big day. Here are a few safety measures that you may notice your venue and vendors will be implementing.

  • Guest number limitations.
  • Thermal pre-screening before entering the wedding venue.
  • Implementing no-touch greeting policies.
  • Mandatory facial mask regulations.
  • Increased cleaning and sanitising of surfaces and facilities.
  • Regular mandatory hand washing from staff at the wedding venue.
  • Portable sanitising stations around the wedding venue.

Did you postpone your wedding due to lockdown?

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