A Complete Guide To Wedding Flowers

Flowers are one of the main visual aspects for your wedding. They are one of the easiest way to display your wedding theme and colours in a single arrangement. For this reason it’s important to understand all aspects of flowers on a wedding day so that you can decide what flower requirements you will need on the day of your wedding.

We recommend that before starting to on your flowers, that you decide on the theme of your wedding. Knowing your theme will lend to certain flower requirements being necessary and other not.

It will also help you narrow down your choice of colours and type of flowers you want for your day.



Decide on the style of bouquet that you want by finding inspiration pictures on the internet – the best place for inspiration is definitely Pinterest. The most popular styles are posy, arm sheaf and cascading, but there are so many other options. You will also need to decide if you want flowers in your hair.

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Throw Bouquet

Yes, there are two types of bouquets. Often the bride does not throw her own bouquet, especially if she has the intention of drying her own out and framing it. If don’t want to throw your own bouquet to a crowd of eager ladies, ask your florist to create a small throw bouquet for you so that you can keep your main bridal bouquet.

Bridesmaids and Maid of Honour

Decide on the style that you want for your bridesmaids and maid of honours bouquets. It is not uncommon to have the Maid of Honour’s bouquet look different to that of the bridesmaids.

You also have the option of adding flowers in their hair or a simple clip. If you decide on flowers, your florist can create this for you.

Flower Girl

Usually the flower girl walks done the aisle with, you guessed it, flowers. Consider whether you want her to wear flowers in her hair, and whether you want her to hold a posy or scatter petals down the aisle – these are all things that you will need to discuss with your florist.


Traditionally, the mother of the bride, mother of the groom, and both grandmothers receive corsages to pin on their shoulders or made up for their wrists. This is a flower of your choice, and we would suggest getting something that fits in with your theme, but also something that sets both sides of the family apart.

Button Holes

Make the choice of the button hole flower up to the groom (so that he is included in the decisions). The button holes are usually pinned to the lapel or shoulder of the groom’s suit. It is also traditional to have the best man, groomsmen, father of the bride, father of the groom, and the grandfathers from both sides of the family pin a button hole on their suits. A lesser common sight is to have the minister/pastor, master of ceremonies, and driver have a button hole.


Alter Flower Arrangements

The flower arrangements for the alter really vary between wedding themes. You might find that a flower arch is best suited for an outdoor bohemian style wedding, while 2 large flower arrangements on pedestals are best suited for a traditional chapel/church wedding. To save yourself money, try make the alter arrangements work at the reception venue so that they can be moved from the ceremony to the reception and you can get the most bang for your buck.

Flowers for the Pews/Chairs

While there are so many options for decorating pews these days, some still prefer the traditional pew flower arrangements – discuss this with your florist. An easy way to save yourself money is to put a single slower on every second pew. Also consider whether or not you want to have rose petals scattered down the aisle.

Flowers for the Registry Table

A flower arrangement for the registry table is optional. If you are looking to save money, rather place the bridal bouquet on the table while you are signing your documents.

Fresh Rose Petals for Confetti

Bio-degradable confetti trends are on the rise and a lot of venues are requesting that bio-degradable confetti be used at their ceremony venues, so why not try fresh rose petals.


Table Centerpieces

The type of flower arrangement that you want on your tables will depend on whether you want vases, special dishes or containers, lanterns, bird cages etc. If you are having an evening wedding we would suggest putting candles on the table, or lanterns for that matter, because they help set a fantastic mood. Also, the number of centerpieces that each table will have depends on how many guest you invite to your wedding and how many people can sit at a single table. Remember that the more people you invite, the more tables there will be an ultimately, the more centerpieces you will need… more guests equals more money.

Main Table Arrangement

The main table traditionally has a long flat flower arrangement that sits in the centre of the table or towards the front of the table.

You could also have the main table display the same arrangement as that on all the other tables.


While it looks beautiful to decorate the chair, we would recommend that you keep this as optional in order to save money, and if you have money to spare closer to the time of the wedding then add them. A flower, garland, ribbon or even a mini bouquet looks beautiful on the back of the chairs.

Food Tables

To save on a few extra costs, try and use the flowers from the alter at your ceremony for the food table. This is not an area that your guests will spend all of their time and so why not try and save a little bit of money.

Flowers for the Wedding Cake

With the rise in popularity of flowers on wedding cakes most bakeries and cake bakers will supply the flowers for your wedding cake at an included cost, but you can discuss this with your florist as they might be the cheaper supplier.

Thank You Flowers

Thank you flowers can just be a small bouquet of flowers to show you appreciation and to acknowledge those who played a role in making your day special, such as parents, friends, and family. It might also be cheaper to pop down to your local grocery store and buy a few bouquets from there to hand out as Thank You’s… but don’t tell!


Mini succulent wedding favours are definitely a trend at the moment. If you are struggling to source these for your guests, speak to your florist and ask them to find these favours for you – they might know a supplier.

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